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July 6, 2012

As you can probably see from my most recent post, I have returned to blogging. As always, the goal of this blog is to get me writing as well as teach some biology in interesting ways along the journey.

I have come up with some new and fresh ways to keep the content exciting and different. I will regularly try to do posts where I hypothesize about biology and science in different cultural media, for example my last post looking at how the technology in the movie Prometheus would work. This is an exciting thing for me because it will stretch my knowledge as well as make me really think deeply about strange things most may just overlook. Also, it might give me the opportunity to teach a small biology lesson.

I will also try to regularly post about topics in science I happen to be interested in at the moment, and wish to share with the world. I will definitely put citations in these kinds of posts, but will also try to have citations in any post where I use other people’s direct ideas.

I will try to do at least a post a week, and if that works out well, perhaps 2 posts a week. My method for making me write is a method used by many incredibly successful people. I have a calendar, and every day I write for at least 1 hour, I mark off that day. This way I can see how well I am doing on a daily basis!

That’s all folks! And if you have ideas of topics to cover, feel free to shoot me a line!


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