Where am I?

September 27, 2009

Yesterday, as part of our “orientation”/ department sponsored social events, a small group of us went hiking at a nearby state park. Although poorly attended by my fellow classmates (which is hypocritical for me to say because I almost didn’t go…) the trip was definitely highly anticipated and definitely worth it.

I love to hike. I never really got to do it a whole lot in undergrad as a result of being extremely busy with school and living so close to a major metropolitan area (it’s hard to convince your friends to drive an hour and a half away to go hiking when the big city is a 30 minute el ride away).

But getting away to nature is definitely a favorite past time. There’s something about being in it, being surrounded by life, surrounded by freshness, surrounded by old trees, that really puts things together. Life makes sense in the chaos of the forest.

As I sit in the cold confines of my laboratory bench and chair, reading about the godlessness of the universe when I should be reading about the homology, or sameness, between yeast and humans, I wonder what the heck I’m doing. Is this gel that I just accidentally set on fire because I misread the voltmeter going to get me closer to understanding? Is this book about the inanities of religion getting me farther from god? Or do I just need to go for a walk, and let my mind wander the light peaking through the trees, the scent and musk of the flowers and animals, the babble of the brook and the crackle of the creek?


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